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Zeus asset management inc

However, if they incorrectly bill you for services, you can either pay the bill or be subject to their rude street-punk collection efforts. Maybe they used to be a good company but new managers took over or economic problems have caused them to adopt a new get-the-money-at-all-costs approach.

I used them to incorporate a business several years ago. I sold and transferred the corporation to a new owner within the first year. I told them that I was no longer associated with the corporation. They told me they had a contract authorizing automatic renewals and planned to charge my credit card.

I told them that I gave no such authorization and specifically told them not to charge my account. I also pointed out that it would be inappropriate for me to authorize filing any state document for a corporation I have no association with.

Incredibly, they told me that my only option was to pay fees so that they could file annual statements for the corporation to bring it current and then I could pay another fee to have them file a substitution of the agent for service of process for the corporation. For a company that makes a living incorporating businesses, I thought their profound ignorance in this area to be astounding!

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I have no legal authority to act for any corporation with which I have no association whatsoever. Even if I wanted to pay them to take those steps, it would be illegal for me to do so, in the same fashion that it would be illegal for me to have them notify the State of Nevada of a change of directors or agent for service of process for Coca-Cola.

You can train a monkey to put mail in a box. What you would expect out of a business such as INCORP is that they would understand that once you sell a corporation you cannot act on its behalf, period.

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Zeus Systems Inc - Home Page - Comprehensive Computer Solutions By defining who covers for whom, and processing requests for time out online, the process of determining who should be allowed to be out and who is out will become much easier. Datamatics Management Services, Inc.

INCORP is probably going through some tough economic times and is dusting off dormant accounts to try to bring in revenue. If a state does not get the necessary documents from a corporation, the state can suspend or revoke its corporate status.

It seems at the heart of the discrepancy here is lack of communication.

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Obviously we at InCorp are only aware of a change in company ownership if our client advises us of the change. Lord did advise us that the business had been sold, he provided this information 3 years after the alleged sale took place.

During those years InCorp attempted to contact Mr. Lord by mail, email and phone with no response. Lord finally did contact us, our representative requested contact information for the new owner since the officers on public record had not changed and indicated that Mr.

Lord was still the owner.

Lord was unwilling or unable to provide that information and simply refused payment. What followed was a series of threats from Mr.

Zeus asset management inc

Lord, but it is not our goal at all to give the perception of "street-punk collection efforts. Lord asked us to provide and agreed to the conditions ofor drafting new documents at the client's request, we unfortunately have to charge for those services.

The statement of "InCorp is just fine as long as you are paying their fees" is probably relevant for almost any business. If multiple car payments are missed and the car owner is sent to collection, I would imagine the car owner would be a bit upset. What is a company expected to do when it has already provided the service and a refusal of payment is received along with a refusal to provide responsible party contact info?

Lord does bring suit as he has threatened, he will in deposition finally explain why it is that if he is not the responsibile billing party, he has not provided that information.The oil and gas companies in America(north) involved in the subsea oil and gas industry. List of companies by region.

In May , research director of Zeus Asset Management is reflected in the current evaluation of the mutual funds of Zeus (including fund shares, Bond Fund, Balanced Fund and the Foundation for International) and ways to improve the measurement of productivity.

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Given Zeus's relatively risk-averse clientele, the "correct" measurement of risk is imperative. Students are asked to compute several measures of risk-adjusted performance.

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