Yesterday today and tomorrow of banking industry

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Yesterday today and tomorrow of banking industry

Yesterday, today and tomorrow Part 1 February 29, Written by: Archive Share this post: The first part of the series will consider analytics and cognitive trends, and the second will consider automation and ITSM as a service.

The adoption of new approaches to service management was happening at a greater rate, and clients are now increasingly interested in applying those approaches to drive innovation, improve quality or simply to reduce costs.

In this blog post, I would like to discuss a few of these approaches.

Yesterday today and tomorrow of banking industry

Analytics We have discussed the need for more scalable approaches to service management for a while. Environments have gotten larger I am working with clients with well over 60, serversand at the same time applications are becoming more dynamic due to factors like agile and DevOps.

Manually setting up monitoring thresholds or codifying rules does not scale in such environments, turning service management non-effective and inefficient.

Who is the BCBS? Biometric IdentificationBiometrics in Banking Banks around the world are increasingly opting biometrics to authenticate customers accessing their services. This trend is not limited to banks; other financials outfits are also taking up biometric authentication to identify customers and safeguard resources.
Basel I and II Known as a "dead mall," given its large number of empty storefronts, new stores have opened in the mall, a number of which are national chains. The mall is buzzing with activity and there were more stores expected soon.
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Application performance management can be used to observe the typical state of resources and determine their normal behavior. It automatically creates an envelope for these thresholds and reacts as soon as a resource metric breaches this envelope.

Another application of analytics is the monitoring of the relationships between resources such as the number of active users on a website, CPU utilization, or the memory consumption of the web server. Again, instead of notifying the system about which resources may work together, analytics will go through thousands of combinations and find relevant patterns to monitor for violations.

This is only the beginning for the adoption of analytics. I am having conversations with clients and technical lab leaders on many more sophisticated applications of analytics in service management.

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Cognitive Analytics leads to another theme that we have started to engage ourselves in: By now, many people have read about IBM Watson and what it can do for industries like healthcare and banking. Watson can also be applied to IT and to call centers.

We started using Watson in our support organization to help expedite the analysis and resolution of problem management requests PMRs. After some learning experiences for us and for Watson, may I add we started seeing positive results from our new colleague. Likewise, lab services is engaged in early projects to use Watson in IT service management.

One client is piloting Watson technologies to match new incidents with existing or historical incidents. The aim is to identify root causes and to find the right subject-matter expertise to perform incident resolution.

At another client, we use Watson to build a graph of the IT landscape, federating repositories like configuration management databases CMDBsasset databases, logfiles and so on. Building an ontology and utilizing natural-language classification allows this federation across structured and non-structured data.

In the second installment of this blog post, I will discuss new approaches to automation.Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more.

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