What do you think about war

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What do you think about war

Indeed, the book's confusing structure defies efforts to define its meaning at every turn.

What do you think about war

That said, I think one could say that it is, in fact, an antiwar story, at least for the most part. Consider, first of all, the book's chaotic structure. This structure has several effects.

What do you think about war

First, it mirrors the chaotic state of warfare in which the characters are embroiled. Moreover, it mirrors the psychological states of most of the work's characters. Faced with war and death, the soldiers in O'Brien's work experience the deterioration of their own mental landscapes.

Norman Bowker, for instance, carries the thumb of a dead Viet Cong child and then, after returning from the war, commits suicide. Additionally, Rat Kiley, unable to deal with the death of one of the platoon's members, brutally tortures a water buffalo.

Clearly, the characters in O'Brien's fiction are suffering and psychologically traumatized, and the fragmented, confusing nature of the author's prose reflects this notion. By focusing on the chaos and the trauma, and by mirroring these realities in a fragmented, chaotic narrative, O'Brien skillfully illustrates the calamity of war and death.If we let it.

With all the crap happening in Connecticut about gun control, i think it will spark the next civil war. The sandy hook commission and obama want to erode everybodys 2nd amendment rights and i think it is going to start the next american civil war.

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Do you think it is an antiwar story? Why or why not?' and find homework help for other The Things They Carried questions at eNotes. Last night on "Who Do You Think You Are?" we saw him tracking down his third-great-grandfather J.H.

Mills, who served the Confederacy in the Civil War and fought in the bloody Battle of F&W Media Sites. Others may think of a war zone and conflict, while even more may think about the photos of kibbutzim and Zionist pioneers that they saw as kids while studying in Jewish day schools.

Possibly, it depends if they change the laws.

May 09,  · What countries do you guys think are going to be involved in World War 3? I really would like an opinion from some of the members here on this board if you guys wouldn't mind sharing. May 30,  · Update: OK, I'll write what I think now. I think that many wars are mostly pointless but many also are necessary or for the best.

Without war you possibly wouldn't have the rights you have or live where you grupobittia.com: Resolved.

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