Virtue and character essay

Women Empowerment Essay If women are empowered, they can break limitations imposed by the family and society, and take their own decisions. In schools, students are often asked to write paragraphs or essays on female empowerment.

Virtue and character essay

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Virtues and values are not about what a person wants to be, but rather virtues and values are about who a person really is. Virtue can be defined as the difference between good and bad people meaning beneficial quality or moral excellence.

Some examples of virtues include being honest or honesty and justice being what is called abstract principles of virtue that are moral. A person is considered to be virtuous if they do what is right and what is good not by habit, but simply by the rules of conduct they choose to follow or set.

Another example of virtue is faithfulness which is fidelity or keeping your word and obligations and commitments to other people or patients.

Values are conduct that is standard. A value is used for judging whether an action is good or bad. Values can also change if we need them to. Values can even sometimes motivate people. Everyone makes judgments based on what they value or has worth. Even though value is all around everyone it is often not recognized.

In healthcare today, there is total agreement that values are lessoning. Health care is now reflecting societies who are more heterogeneous different and even more open to diverse forms of living with different values. When values comes in clear view that is when values are usually detected.

There are some differences between virtues and values, even though these two words are often confused between each other.

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When a person has a character of being virtuous this is very important because it consists of things such as being honest, integrity and great work ethic. It is even possible for 2 people to have values that are different and still be virtuous.

Values, on the other hand, are not considered to be serious or sobering in nature. Things that are valued include volunteer work, artistic expression, humor and music.

With these values and virtues following right behind, can actually create a life that is good and successful. This affect on ones character can affect a person personally, academically and professionally.

Not all values will lead to virtues, but lead to devices instead. Not all value systems are good, but actually lead to unethical behavior.

Virtues and Values | Essay Example

How are virtues and values acquired? Virtues are internal qualities acquired that an individual has that shows characteristics of their good behavior. Values, on the other hand, are learned. How can they be helpful in resolving health care ethical dilemmas?

Whenever ethical dilemmas arrive there are often choices that will need to be made that may have unpleasant results.

Virtue and character essay

For caregivers, ethical dilemmas may ending up breaking what is normal or cause contradictions some ethical values. Examples of ethical dilemmas are: Abortion issues Pro-life or Pro-choicepregnancy as a result of rape or incest, right-to-die, an example of trying to decide based on virtues and values.

Identify and discuss a health-related case in which virtues and values played a part. This couple even had written documentation of their belief to not receive blood transfusions.

This healthcare team chose to honor the wishes of this young couple who were well-informed of the possible results of not getting the blood transfusion and C-section, based on virtue ethics by respecting the autonomy by honoring the decision of the patient.

The year old woman and her baby dies. In the case study involving the year, pregnant woman we see how the virtues and values that we believe in and live by can play a significant role in issues involving our health.

There is no secret that Jehovah Witnesses strongly believe that their members and others should not receive blood transfusion even if it means the blood that they would be receiving could possibly save their life.

Since the woman was brought in from a single car crash with symptoms of bleeding internally time played a role because the health care team needed to move quickly.

Virtue and character essay

This couple believed so strongly in this refusal of blood transfusion that they had documentation to support their belief. This is a very complex issue and nurses especially new ones need to be properly trained on how to handle this type of situation if it was to arise.

Even though the teachings of Jehovah Witnesses is against blood transfusion, in emergency situations that their members have their advance directives and other legal papers in case of emergency which appears to be what this young woman had done. This is an ethical dilemma that health care providers are faced with and need to know what the proper steps to take prior to an emergency situation such as this case arrives in the emergency room.Virtue Ethics: The Good and the Bad About Virtue Ethics The philosophy of virtue ethics holds that being a 'good person' or what one might call 'character' is .

Virtue Ethics for me emphasizes character rather than rules or consequences. Identifying habits and behaviors that allow people to reach “the good life”, these habits and behaviors are virtues.

Virtues and Values Essay Sample

This type of ethical theory will allow people to show more personality and bring out more of the persons qualities. Primary character building force: The family is the primary character-building force in a child’s life, and character education is a major family obligation. We will write a custom essay sample on Virtue and Character Essay.

Virtue ethics is a theory that focuses on character development and what virtues one should obtain to be who they are supposed to be, as oppose to actions. An example of virtue ethics would be someone who is patient, kind, loving, generous, temperance, courage and flourishing as oppose to a person who lies, cheats, and show more .

Free Essay: Virtue and Evil in Macbeth There is a constant war waging between good and evil in everyday life. It may be a war between two fractions that feel. Character is an evaluation of a particular individual’s moral qualities. It can also imply a variety of attributes including the existence of lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits.

Virtues and Values | Essay Example