The legal consequences of steroid possessions and false claims by steroid marketers

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The legal consequences of steroid possessions and false claims by steroid marketers

Steroids Steroids are a family of lipid molecules that includes cholesterol, steroid hormones, and bile salts.

These amphipathic molecules containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions are derived from two-carbon acetyl-CoA units, whose combination leads to the formation of isoprenoids five-carbon isoprene molecular unitsand finally to the formation of a seventeen-carbon tetracyclic hydrocarbon, the steroid skeleton.

Figure 1 shows the basic steroid skeleton structure, made up of three six-membered rings and one five-membered ring. The fused six-membered cyclohexane rings each have the chair conformation. Each member of the steroid family has a structure that differs from this basic skeleton in the degrees of unsaturation within the ring system and the identities of the hydrocarbon side chain substituents attached to the rings.

These substituents are in most cases oxidized to alcohol, aldehydeketoneor carboxylic acid functional groups. The general term sterol refers to a subgroup of steroids that contain an alcohol functional group, which is signified by the -ol ending.


Steroids are found predominantly in eukaryotic cellswith cholesterol being the most abundant steroid molecule. It contains twenty-seven carbons, has an alcohol functional group at C-3, a methyl group at C, and a branched aliphatic hydrocarbon eight carbons unit at the C carbon atom.

It is the basic building block for all the other steroid molecules. The biosynthesis of other steroids from cholesterol yields molecules that have fewer carbons, are more polar and more oxidized, and have smaller and more oxidized hydrocarbon units at C It should be emphasized that cholesterol and most steroids contain predominantly single C—C bonds and take on non-planar structures.

Intracellular cholesterol is predominately found as part of embedded in the plasma cell membranes. Because of cholesterol's bulky structure, it does not embed well into the lipid bilayer structure of a membrane and as a result disrupts the order or regularity of the membrane.

Increasing levels of embedded cholesterol, which can be as high as 25 percent of membrane volume, correlates with increasing the fluidity as opposed to rigidity of the membrane. The level of extracellular cholesterol in blood serum correlates with the degree of advancement of atherosclerosis and the development of coronary heart disease.

The serum cholesterol is obtained from diet and from biosynthesis, which occurs primarily in the liver of mammals. The usual metabolic pathway for cholesterol biosynthesis involves a sequence of more than twenty reactions, each catalyzed by a specific enzyme.

The committed and the rate-limiting step in the sequence is the synthesis of a six-carbon molecule, mevalonate, catalyzed by the enzyme 3-hydroxymethylglutaryl CoA reductase HMG CoA reductase. The development of drugs that inhibit the activity of HMG CoA reductase and that reduce levels of serum cholesterolhas led to a decline in coronary heart disease.

These drugs have structures similar to that of mevalonate and serve as competitive inhibitors of HMG CoA reductase. The binding of a competitive inhibitor to the enzyme and of the substrate mevalonate to the same enzyme are mutually exclusive events. One of the most potent inhibitors of HMG CoA reductase is the drug lovastatin, which binds very strongly at the active site of the enzyme, and, as a result, serum cholesterol levels in humans are decreased by as much as 20 percent.

The hydrophobic, water-insoluble cholesterol is transported in blood to cells predominantly as part of high density and low density lipoprotein particles HDLs and LDLs, respectively. LDLs transport cholesterol to extrahepatic tissues. The LDL particles bind to LDL receptors on the cell membranes, facilitating cholesterol deposition at the cells, for use primarily as a component of the membrane.

HDLs carry out a similar transport function but also return cholesterol to the liver, where it can be metabolized. In this way HDLs decrease the levels of the cholesterol that contributes to the deposition of plaque in arteries and is implicated in heart disease.

In a number of cases, patients have been found to have defective genes that code for the LDL receptors. In these cases the LDL particles cannot deposit the cholesterol at cell sites. The LDLs remain in the blood, and eventually their lipid molecules accumulate on the arterial walls, which can lead to blockage of arteries and a heart attack.Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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The legal consequences of steroid possessions and false claims by steroid marketers

And even if steroids had not been banned from baseball and there was no testing, possession of steroids without a prescription was breaking the law. And that doesn’t even get into the side effects.

ingredients that present safety problems, have false or misleading claims, or are otherwise adulterated or misbranded. The new law provided for scheduling of new steroid manufacturers, issued more than “warning letters” and “cyber letters” to marketers of dietary supplement products.

Sentence handed down after steroid operation uncovered | Ministry of Health NZ

Feb 06,  · Steroid use could possibly be lowered in high school age kids if their high school physical education teachers taught their students about the effects of steroids and the lifestyle it could lead to.

Just because there is no official proof that steroids can damage and possibly kill is no reason to allow steroids to be legal in out society. A person who claims to be selling cocaine, but delivers baking soda, cannot be charged. with a drug crime. a. True. b. False Punishment for the consequences of accidents is permissible if.

The Supreme Court has ruled that for the federal RICO law a "criminal enterprise" means. a. association in fact.

b. formal business. Some manufacturers of the Pro-steroid 1-Testosterone claim it does not undergo any liver conversion or degradation, and it is said to be “up to 7X-more anabolic or stronger than testosterone” in it’s “as-is” state.

California Health & Safety Code HS; Possession of Drugs for Sale