The king must die

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The king must die

It is the first time in The king must die that the name of the country is used, but in Europe it has been known for at least 75 years.

The geography-book of king Alfred the Great is the first place to mention the name Denmark. Alfred, who was king of Wessexwas a very culturally interested king, and he produced The king must die geographical description of northern Europe mentioning "dene mearc" as the Danish area.

The annals of Reginos written around the year in the monastery of Prum near Cologne mentions "Denimarca" in the yearso the name was well known when Gorm around the year put it on the monument for his queen Thyra. Gorm died in the winter of When Thyra Danebod died we do not know, but she died before Gorm.

On the small Jelling stone she is mentioned as "tanmarkar but The Pride of Denmark". We do not know where Thyra is buried, a guess could be that the gigantic stone ship is a monument for The Queen Thyra, and that she is buried at that place. The remains of Gorm were found in the grave chamber beneath Jelling Church.

Gorm erected his stone "after Thyra".

The king must die

Then she must have died before him, but probably not long before him, if they have been of the same age. He mentions himself as king on the small runic stone, so it must have been erected after Gorm became king about and beforewhen Gorm died himself.

When Gorm was found beneath the church in he was removed to Nationalmuseet for further examinations. The examinations confirmed that Gorm was about 50 years old when he died.


He had been cm high, which was a considerable height at that time. He suffered from rheumatism in the lower part of the vertebral column. In the year Gorm was reburied in Jelling Church.

Gorm was placed in an metal box and placed in a concrete chamber in front of the chorus in the church. The place where King Gorm first was buried. The grave chamber in Thyras mound Where Gorm was high seated.

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At the restoration of Jelling Church The grave for the king is to day marked with a cart King Gorm high seated and later buried here The words "Gorm King" are almost like a headline but in larger writing than the rest of the inscriptions.

Most likely Thyra was buried with the runic-stone as a sort of tombstone, but unfortunately there is only little or no hope of finding her grave.

The king must die

If it was placed in the central area it is perhaps in the present graveyard, but many graves have - during the years - erased all traces of queen Thyra. There has been a lot of speculation as to the original place of the small runic-stone.

Maybe on one of the mounds or maybe at its present place. We know that in the stone was next to the church entrance - used as a seat, and that no later than it was returned to the present position.

Knud was handy and the youngest of the two and looked like his mother so he was called Knud dane ast Knud the Danes delight and love. Adelbrecht was king in England, and in his time Knud and Harald, the sons of Gorm of Denmark, came with a large fleet to England and conquered Northumbria, saying that it was their heir, and which their parents had owned.

King Adelbrecht forth against them with a huge army and meet them north of Klyfland. There were many dead and wounded on both sides. After some time Gorms sons went up to Skardeborg Scarboroughwhich is saturated east of York and further on to York.

When Knud and other Danes are swimming, the enemy uses bow and arrow and Knud is killed.

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When King Athelstan comes with a large army, the Danes sail back home. Then follows the story of how Thyra paints the houses black so that Gorm says that his son Knud is dead.

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