The good the bad and ugly

Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson were incredibly efficient in their debuts, and Quinton Dunbar had a standout performance on defense. It was mostly good, a little bit of bad and a lot of ugly Cardinals football.

The good the bad and ugly

Full-body scanning tech will be coming to an airport near or not so near you.

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But what are these machines, and will they invade your privacy? These are large machines that will go alongside the metal-detectors and baggage x-ray machines at the security point on your way into the departure lounge, and they do pretty much what you think they do: They scan your entire person for concealed weapons, bomb-making material, and, as a bonus, for stuff like baggies of marjihuana stuffed into trousers.

The Good Full-body scanners use different systems, but there are two main competing technologies: Backscatter x-ray and millimeter-wave. Both of these use radiation of a non-harmful kind, before you start worrying that penetrates clothing.

Backscatter body scanners subject you to a far gentler burst of x-rays, and then detects those ones that are bounced back scientifically: Concealed packets containing liquid bombs, drugs, or ceramic knives that would otherwise have passed through metal detectors undetected scatter the x-rays and are shown up.

The good the bad and ugly

Detection of foreign, concealed objects on a body work the same. As such, both systems are absolutely ideal for defeating the efforts of some knife-wielding would-be hijackers or bomb-laden terrorists. While these things do certainly reveal your weapons…they also reveal your body.

Down to the furry bits. The Ugly The privacy implications of all this have worried individuals and pressure groups for ages, and since the machines are also being trialed for use in situations other than airports, a new lawsuit PDF file has just been brought against the Department of Justice concerning the illegal strip-search nature of the technology.

Full body systems are coming though, you can bet on it: Anything the TSA can do to try to justify its billion dollar budget. What if you suffer sever psychological body image problems?

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What about female-to-male transsexuals, who sometimes wear a prosthetic penis? How long before some low-brow operator at LAX succumbs to the tempting dollar prize and sells on a scanner image of Britney or Tom Cruise to the gutter press? The questions just keep popping up. Watch for that answer to emerge soon…in graphic detail.

I've also got a PhD, and worked in such roles as professional scientist and theater technicianThe Kumon program encourages independent learning.

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The Good. The Kumon worksheets explain and guide students whenever a new topic is introduced, therefore they can work independently. A sprawling Western epic that follows the adventures of three gunfighters looking for $, in stolen gold, Sergio Leone's `The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' is a masterpiece, one that continues to get better and better with each viewing.

Good agile metrics reflect either a team’s or your organization’s progress in becoming agile: The good, the bad, and the ugly agile metrics.

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Newsjacking is a great way to inject your brand into trending news - but how successful it is, is all down to timing, context and your critical thinking skills. The good.

The good the bad and ugly

Marrakech marches to its own beat. The former imperial capital is as manic as Mardi Gras and as hip as Hollywood.

Throw yourself in at the deep end by exploring the twisting alleyways of. ; Full-Body Scanners at Airports: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Full-body scanning tech will be coming to an airport near you. But are you ready to let a TSA agent see you, your wife, or.

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