The faith of a woman

This was the third time in which Jesus withdrew from Galilee in the gospel of Mark cf.

The faith of a woman

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In chapter fourteen John the Baptist was beheaded, a clear sign of the opposition to the movement. But Jesus fed the five thousand, showing that He could meet the needs of Israel; and then He walked on the water, showing that He is the Lord of creation. In chapter fifteen Jesus challenged the teachings of the elders because those teachings had been elevated to the status of Scripture.

Then, following that confrontation, Jesus went out of the country to the region of Tyre and Sidon and met a Canaanite woman.

Then, as he came back to the region of Galilee, he fed the four thousand, a sign that he could meet the needs of the nations. Then, as we shall see, in chapter sixteen Jesus will give His first prediction of His death.

So this lesson will focus on the meeting with the Canaanite woman. My daughter is suffering terribly from demon-possession. Your request is granted. Observations on the Text This little story is essentially built around the conversation between the woman and Jesus.

We begin with the note that Jesus withdrew far up the coast to the region of Tyre and Sidon. One would have to say that He was not simply trying to get away from difficult events in Israel, and neither was this a chance meeting.

The Lord was going to this Canaanite area, to this Canaanite woman. But the conversation gives the impression that Jesus was not willing to answer her request because she was a Canaanite.

This will become a major part of the study, for there is obviously something powerful at work in the ethnic dimension of the conversation. What is clear is that the woman was not going to give up, but kept pleading, even from her Canaanite background, so that Christ recognized her great faith.

The faith of a woman

The contrast is truly striking: But here in Gentile territory he met a woman who was convinced He was the Messiah and He could not discourage her efforts. His apparent attempt to put her off was therefore a test, and her great faith must have been gratifying to the Savior.

So in this study we will once again focus on the conversation, because that is the substance of the story.

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But this is one passage where the reader will have to read up on the ethnic controversy, the Old Testament background of conflict between the kings of Israel and the Canaanites. The story, though, is truly about the persistent faith of this Canaanite woman.

The study could be divided up in a number of ways, because it is not a complicated passages. I will simply make the circumstances the first point v. Synoptic Questions The account is also found in Mark 7: Mark gives us a little more information in some areas.

The Faith Of A Canaanite Woman (Matthew ) |

Jesus came to the region and entered into a house and did not want anyone to know it. The woman heard about it and came looking for him. Mark explains that she was Greek, born in Syrian Phoenicia.

This would be typical of the northern country, for it was ruled by Greeks for the period immediately before the time of Jesus. People in the region would be of mixed nationalities. The story is better interpreted as part of the development of redemptive history, moving from the late OT concepts to the full Christian idea of Gentiles and Jews in the kingdom.

Besides, the Gospel of Matthew had already included such a statement by Jesus in Matthew Mark was writing to a different audience than Matthew, a Gentile audience, and that statement would need a lot of explanation to them.

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