Lack of trust in morality

The Nature of Trust and Trustworthiness Trust is an attitude that we have towards people whom we hope will be trustworthy, where trustworthiness is a property, not an attitude.

Lack of trust in morality

This is Part 4. I dare not steer my life while intoxicated by my supposed cleverness. Human attempts to fit together pieces of biblical revelation caused the greatest theologians and devout Jewish leaders to arrange the murder of their Messiah.

Logic inspired Saul to conclude he was serving God by torturing Christians in the hope they would blaspheme the Son of God. We earlier mentioned that human logic might conclude that lust is morally harmless.

The biggest limitation of human reasoning is that we have at our disposal only a tiny fraction of the facts. Many of my own thoughts will fall if solitary sex does not program our sexual response to the extent that I believe it does, or if it turns out that God puts sexual self-stimulation in a totally different category to anything else to do with sex.

The Old Testament gets no closer to mentioning sexual relations between women than this: This is obvious from the very beginning of the Bible: Nevertheless, the context sometimes indicates that the word is applied solely to males.

So logic says, Lack of trust in morality at the context. And logic also says female sexuality and psychology are not entirely identical to that of males, and lesbianism involves different sexual acts to male homosexuality, so different rules might possibly apply.

A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion. In the very next verse, when referring to bestiality, it is deemed necessary to specifically mention women.

Logic would suggest that the omission of reference to women when forbidding same gender sex must have been very deliberate. The obvious conclusion is that it was omitted because lesbianism is deemed by God to be morally neutral. Even though I could argue against this on the basis of the apparently random way Old Testament laws sometimes specifically mention women and sometimes not, it is hard to resist the force of the logic that says lesbianism must be allowed by God.

Christianity is not the product of human reasoning. Christianity is not a vain attempt to use tiny human brains to guess the mind of Almighty God. True Christianity is about connecting to the God of the universe, the Designer of our bodies, the Creator of sex, and letting him reveal his ways, which are infinitely superior to our own, and letting him rule in our lives in the perfection of his love and wisdom.

Lack of trust in morality

I do not want to be so arrogant as to shatter the divine silence in Scripture by sounding off as if my presumptions were the Word of the Holy One to the entire body of Christ. Instead, I urge all Christians who imagine they have divine approval to indulge in any form of auto-eroticism to get down on their knees and seek the face of God about this.

The morality of masturbation: a sensitive, Christian analysis of a vital aspect of our sexuality

At times, Scripture gives us examples to help us grasp a divine principle and leaves it to us to connect the dots. For an obvious example, consider Exodus What if his house is on fire? What if he is sick and he faces financial ruin unless you harvest his crop for him? Anyone having the attitude of avoiding only those things Scripture specifically names as forbidden, does not have a heart for God.

The Bible tells us to meditate upon Scripture and to discuss it with each other Scriptures.Trust requires confidence in the fairness of institutions and in the honesty of cooperation partners based on a set of common ethical foundations, and altruism may create the common good that sustains this trust in political, economic and social life.

Dec 09,  · Leaders must earn the trust of their employees and stop believing that their titles, roles and responsibilities automatically warrant trust from others. 7.

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Lack a Generous Purpose. When a leader doesn’t genuinely have your best interests at heart, it’s difficult to trust them.

So. This isn't really meant to be much of anything beyond a 'suppose if' story – certainly nothing as ambitious as some other fics I could mention (like, say, 'The Last Firebender' or 'Distorted Reality').

Lack of trust in morality

Towards a Christian View of Sexual Self-Stimulation. Compassionate, Informed Insights. While focusing on the morality of masturbation, this web series illustrates important principles. Trust breeds confidence and conviction. Misplaced trust is the work of confidence-men and convicts.

No human is totally trustworthy. No human is totally untrustworthy. No human can always trust themselves. No human is totally trusting of any one other person.

Trust is a risk. We leave ourselves open for loss. Twilight of the Idols by Friedrich Nietzsche. A synthesis of many of his late themes on ethics, religion, culture, and race.

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