Ieee research papers computer network

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Ieee research papers computer network

More essentially, these big data transfers are crucial to the maintenance and backup operations of data centers. Obviously, if a single path is used for data transfers, the aggregate e2e transfer rate will be limited to the bottleneck s on that path. Parallel data transfers can be spread over the network in a non-overlapping manner to improve the aggregate throughput.

The downside is that such parallel transfers require multi-path routing capability. Recent work showed that multi-path routing is a successful approach to address the big data transfers. The key focus of these techniques is to diversify and spread the paths available to the e2e transport while satisfying various constraints such as delay or loss.

The paths generated by these multi-path routing methods were adopted and TCP sessions were successfully parallelized with effective solutions. However, these e2e transfers are yet to utilize multi-core CPUs available in most routers.

We consider a "parallel routing" framework that explicitly considers multi-core routers and employs shortest-path calculations only.

The basic idea is to virtually slice the router topology into "substrate" topologies and assign them to a separate router core, which calculates a shortest path on the assigned substrate.

Rather than solving the multi-path routing problem all at once, our approach transforms it into two sub-problems: Slicing out substrates from the router topology so that the collection of the shortest paths on each substrate diverse and non-overlapping e2e paths Calculate shortest paths on each substrate Since the latter problem is already being handled in legacy routers, our approach can easily be adapted to current routers if the former problem is solvable.

Light to Complement Radio Spectrum Mobile ad-hoc communication is starting to find real-world applications beyond its military origins in areas such as vehicular communications and delay-tolerant networking.

As the RF spectrum is getting saturated by recent advances in wireless communications, enabling optical spectrum in wireless communications is a necessary revolution for the ultra-high-speed mobile ad-hoc networks MANETs of the future.

This project explores the potential for free-space-optics FSOa. Such structures facilitate electronic LOS tracking i. The project also investigates reliability protocols as management of logical data streams through multi-interface FSO structures pose a major challenge.

FSO has been used at high-altitude communications, and this project enables FSO communications at lower-altitudes and in ad-hoc settings. This research will provide a new application for solid-state lighting technology due to potential integration of illumination and communication functions.

We have recently published results of our proof-of-concept prototype on the concept of "electronic steering" on a multi-transceiver node. The aim of the prototype is to illustrate that it is possible to seamlessly switch i.

Ieee research papers computer network

The transceiver diameter is 25mm. We first designed a transceiver shown in the figure at the left composed of two infrared LEDs and a photo-detector PD. Each transceiver has a serial port interface through which it is possible to modulate the LEDs and read the signal received at the PD.

We placed the PD at the rear of the transceiver board to reduce the amount of optical feedback from LEDs. A 3-transceiver circular node structure.IEEE papers on computer science. IEEE papers on computer science required for PhD research scholars. After study the related papers only research scholars can prepare the literature survey, so they require some standard bench mark reputed international journal papers.

My ambition in life essay words vaccine debate essay subjects, chops documentary review essay research paper on computer issues. Network security research papers ieee. 4 stars based on 44 reviews Essay. Categories Network security research papers ieee. Computer Networks is an international, archival journal providing a publication vehicle for complete coverage of all topics of interest to those involved in the computer communications networking area.

The audience includes researchers, managers and operators of . Research on Computer Network Virus Defense Technology in Cloud Technology Environment free download Abstract With the rapid development of the Internet, the antivirus software of the network is always emerging and constantly changing.

Ieee research papers computer network

Sep 19,  · We encourage papers of broad interest to the security and privacy community. Please see our expanded statement on articles of interest here. Authentication at Scale. Ieee research paper on computer network Essays opinion about war school uniforms.

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