How did skoda strategically addressed external threats

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How did skoda strategically addressed external threats

It is part of a range of brands produced and sold by Beiersdorf. Beiersdorf, founded inhas grown to be a global company specialising in skin and beauty care. In the UK, Beiersdorf s continuing goal is to have its products as close as possible to its consumers, regardless of where they live.

Its aims are to understand its consumers in its many different markets and delight them with innovative products for their skin and beauty care needs. This strengthens the trust and appeal of Beiersdorf brands.

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The business prides itself on being consumer-led and this focus has helped it to grow NIVEA into one of the largest skin care brands in the world. Beiersdorf s continuing programme of market research showed a gap in the market.

This is known as the marketing mix or 'four Ps'. It is vital that a company gets the balance of these four elements correct so that a product will achieve its critical success factors.

Beiersdorf needed to develop a mix that suited the product and the target market as well as meeting its own business objectives.

Optimised means the product had a new formula, new design, new packaging and a new name. This case study shows how a carefully balanced marketing mix provides the platform for launching and re-launching a brand onto the market. The first stage in building an effective mix is to understand the market.

The knowledge and understanding from the research helps in the development of new products. NIVEA carries out its market research with consumers in a number of different ways.

Beiersdorf s market research identified that younger consumers wanted more specialised face care aimed at their own age group that offered a 'beautifying' benefit, rather than a solution to skin problems.

Competitor products tend to be problem focussed and offer medicated solutions. The company improved the product to make it more effective and more consumer-friendly. Beiersdorf tested the improved products on a sample group from its target audience before finalising the range for re-launch.

This testing resulted in a number of changes to existing products. For example, it removed alcohol from one product and used natural sea salts and minerals in others. Each of these changes helped to strengthen the product range, to better meet the needs of the market.

Its corporate responsibility approach aims to: Lots of factors affect the end price of a product, for example, the costs of production or the business need to maximise profits or sales. A product's price also needs to provide value for money in the market and attract consumers to buy.

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There are several pricing strategies that a business can use: It focuses on the product and does not take account of consumers. This strategy encourages consumers to develop a habit of buying. This strategy helps a business to gain maximum revenue before a competitor's product reaches the market.

This reflected its new formulations, packaging and extended product range. However, the company also had to take into account that the target market was both teenage girls and mums buying the product for their daughters.

This meant that the price had to offer value for money or it would be out of reach of its target market. This means that it sets the price level that competitors will follow or undercut.

NIVEA needs to regularly review prices should a competitor enter the market at the 'market growth' point of the product life cycle to ensure that its pricing remains competitive. It sells products to retailers at one price.

However, retailers have the freedom to use other strategies for sales promotion. These take account of the competitive nature of the high street. Place Place refers to: This means a business must think about what distribution strategies it will use.

This includes retail outlets like supermarkets or high street shops. It also includes other ways in which businesses make products directly available to their target market, for example, through direct mail or the Internet. The main channels for the product are retail outlets where consumers expect to find skin care ranges.

How did skoda strategically addressed external threats

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Environment scanning leads to the identification of many issues that affect the organization. opportunities and threats) analysis to understand the external and internal environment.

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