Chinas textile tbt impact


Chinas textile tbt impact

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China notifies WTO of ban on plastic, paper, textile waste imports | Reuters


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FedEx Global Education Center. With the decrease of regulations of tariff barrier and non-tariff barrier, the export market of Chinese textile products has been expanded and the market shares have been increased, which arouses great attention of many countries in the world.

Some countries increase the limit of import. This article reviews the concept and content of technical barriers to trade, concludes the condition of technical barriers to trade in the textile product field of America, Europe and Japan, analyzes the reasons of technical barriers to trade combining with Chinese textile product export condition and the effect from technical barriers to trade and finally discusses the measures of dealing with technical barriers to trade and existing problems of Chinese textile product export.

The textile industry is an important industry of Chinese national economy, which plays a very important role in solving employment and expanding export. However, Chinese textile product export always faces the widest and the most strict quota limitation and more rigorous trade barriers.

With the arising of new trade protectionism, the new trade barriers with the core of technical barriers to trade appear constantly, which results in more and more new trade disputations.

Here the author propose a question: Here are the types of TBT: Developed countries have stipulated rigorous technical standard for many finished products. Let me take clothing woolens as an example. Technical standards can not only limit the rendition of foreign products but also set barriers for foreign products.

The documents with legal sanction include law, decree or administrative regulations, which are issued and implemented 91 Vol. Some countries issue more and more complex technical regulations to limit importing products.

Export of one product is related with various compulsory regulations of import countries. For example, when exporting textile products to America, Japan, France, Britain and Canada, one country should consider some relevant regulations such as demand of burning behavior standard, otherwise exporting products may meet with barriers.

The regulations include material, specification, word, figure or code of the product packing. Some packing materials should be testified by the exporter providing with disinfection documents, otherwise products cannot be used or importer.

For example, in Jan. Other countries also propose some relevant demand for Chinese products. Labels are extremely important for exporting apparel. For example, European Union countries stick ecological labels on import textile products.

With the severe competition in the international market, in order to implement trade protectionism policy many developed countries adopt various covert protection methods, among which inspection procedure is one important trade barrier.

Chinas textile tbt impact

The forms of inspection procedure are: For example, European Union demands to inspect whether import textile products own heavy metal, pesticide and pentachlorophenol, which becomes a trade barrier difficulty for developing countries to overcome. InInternational Standard Organization ISO issued ISO Environment Management System international standard, but many countries stipulate their own standards according to local condition, which brings severe barriers to international trade.

In the name of protecting environment, developed countries stipulate rigorous technical regulations through legal method to form a green technical barrier to prevent foreign products from entering the domestic market.

Chinas textile tbt impact

One fifth of Chinese foreign trade export volume comes from the textile industry. And these three places feel the great threat coming from Chinese textile industry. Combining with other elements such as politics, economy and environment protection, these three places stipulate various technical barriers to trade especially aiming at Chinese textile products.

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These technical barriers to trade are listed as following:Aug 28,  · The summer of has brought a feast of downbeat data for skeptics about China's economic prospects.

GDP and profit growth in the world's number two economy have slowed. A study on the economic effects of a free trade area (FTA) on both China and the United Kingdom shows that achieving zero tariff or reducing technological barriers to trade (TBT) are mutually beneficial for both China and the UK.

China’s Textile and Clothing Industry Executive Summary This study presents an analysis of China’s textile and clothing industry. Textile and clothing has been one of China’s traditional industries since and has remained one of the key industries in modern China.

This industry has experienced dramatic reforms.


China notified the World Trade Organization on Tuesday that by the end of this year it will ban imports of 24 types of rubbish, as part of a campaign against "foreign garbage" and environmental. Keywords: Technical Barriers to Trade, China, Textile Product Trade, Effect China is the biggest country producing and exporting textile products.

The textile industry is China’s traditional predominant industry and pillar industry to gain export profit for the country. China's Textile Tbt Impact Words | 20 Pages Business Research abou the texitle in BTT Effect of Technical Barriers to Trade on Chinese Textile Product Trade Ningchuan Jiang Visiting Professor.

China’s Textile Tbt Impact | Free Essays -