Bill opdyke refactoring thesis

When software developers add new features to a program, the code degrades because the original program was not designed with the extra features in mind.

Bill opdyke refactoring thesis

An Ada environment includes valuable semantic and syntactic information.

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In short, ASIS can provide the foundation for your code analysis activities. Alejandra GarridoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is working on a C refactoring tool, with specific focus on taking preprocessor directives into account.

Currently I am trying to commercialize Xrefactory in order to ensure its further evolution. C Refactorya refactoring add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Bill opdyke refactoring thesis

Refactoring BrowserRefactoring Browser wiki. Example refactorings from the Refactoring Browser RB. It includes all the features of the standard browsers plus several enhancements. Automatically perform some behavior preserving transformations such as abstracting references to an instance variable.

The aim of the " Refactoring Browser for Poseidon " is to aid developers in refactoring not "just" code but also UML-models.

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Currently 13 refactorings for class- state- and activity diagrams are supported - with far more to come. Freefactor is a Java refactoring framework. It consists of a tool-independent refactoring system and an interface to allow it to be integrated with other tools.

Currently a prototype Java-based tool is provided as well as bindings for Emacs RevJava - a review assistant for Java programs James Gosling talks with Bill Venners about his current research project, code-named Jackpotwhich builds annotated parse trees for programs and can help you analyze, visualize, and refactor your program.I knew the term was used within a fairly small community, so in order to discover the etymology of refactoring I talked to the people in that group (Ward Cunningham, Kent Beck, Bill Opdyke, John Brant, Don Roberts, Ralph Johnson) to find what had led them to come up with the term.

Bill Opdyke, "Father of Object-Oriented Code Refactoring," to Keynote at SATURN Bill Opdyke, who is best known His doctoral research at the University of Illinois led to the foundational thesis in object-oriented refactoring. Bill learned early in his career that, for most software projects, the only constant is change, and.

In an ideal world, you’d throw Bill Opdyke’s thesis at the problem and you’d be done. But in the real world, you have a preprocessor to deal with. But in the real world, you have a preprocessor to deal with. Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code Martin Fowler Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks [email protected] 1 , Refactoring—Imporving the Design of Existing Code What We Will Cover • An example of refactoring – Blow by blow example of changes – Steps for illustrated refactorings • Background of refactoring – Where it came from – Tools – Why and When.

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design. Refactoring can be an alternative to upfront design Refactoring can lead to simpler design without sacrificing flexibility Refactoring and Performance The best way to optimize performance is to first write a well factored program, then optimize it.

William F. Opdyke, "Refactoring Object-Oriented Frameworks". PhD Thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also available as Technical Report UIUCDCS-R, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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