A response to the community of men by robert bly

This can be observed as writers like Upton Sinclair exposed the horrendous conditions men worked under in meat packing plants.

A response to the community of men by robert bly

Men and Masculinity is random observations and reflections about the construction of masculinity in America. Sunday, August 22, Three Mens' Movements: Now I realize that larger groups of men have assembled almost every weekend for sports events, as for example on Super Bowl Sunday--the high holy days of masculinity in contemporary America.

But they did not self-consciously assemble as men's movements.

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This paper is a report and reflections about these assembles of men. Almost fading from our memory is the 's Men's Movement with Robert Bly as the guru of middle aged, middle class white males who gathered at seminars and retreats to beat on drums and lament the loss of their manhood.

Bly is very explicit that a grief process is needed, particularly in middle age to lament the loss of strong father figures, meaningful physical work, and male intimacy.

Men have exhibited weakness in the face of attacks from primary women such as wives and lovers, mothers and sisters, and attacks from the larger women's movement.

Men need to come together to collectively mourn, grieve, express anger and ultimately find the "wild man" within themselves. Keen,Moore, I can quote at length to support this argument, but let me merely refer to several representative statements. The next self conscious men's movement is even more controversial--The Promise Keepers.

At the inspiration of former University of Colorado football coach Bill McCartney, about a half million Evangelical Christians gathered in football stadiums in to reclaim their roles as fathers, husbands and heads of households and become more faithful Christians. This movement, perhaps the largest of the three described, is also the most controversial due to its claim that men should resume a role as head of the household.

The core premise is that men have collectively and individually failed to keep their appropriate roles.

A response to the community of men by robert bly

A Promise Keeper commits to being part of a small group of men who meet times per month to practice spiritual, moral, ethical and sexual purity, to build strong marriages through "love, protection and Biblical values" and to "reach beyond racial and denominational barriers The third movement is the Million Man March.

They gathered not simply to petition the government or the nation, but to assemble for repentance and to reclaim their proper roles in the African American community and in the nation. Thus the official statement, " Thus a huge percentage of men assembled, but briefly, and with ongoing structures not clearly established.

Now here are three unique and separate collective gatherings of men.

A response to the community of men by robert bly

At first glance they could not be more different: Yet the tone and starting premise of collective and individual failure mark strong commonalties between the three groups. I would like to address three questions. First, why the apology? And second, to whom is the apology addressed?

Third, is the apology necessary? Briefly stated, every culture contains within it two communities-- the men's community and women's community. I generally draw this on a blackboard as two equally sized circles inside a larger circle. The larger circle is the cultural system, be it a tribe, an ethnic or racial group, or a stable regional community.

The two smaller circles represent the men and women's communities.

Iron John: A Book About Men - Wikipedia Now, in Silbling Society, Bly turns to stories as unexpected as Jack and the Beanstalk and the Hindu tale of the Ganesha to illustrate and illuminated the troubled soul of our nation itself.

The two communities are at the most elemental level symbiotic--neither can survive biologically without the other. To an overwhelming extent there is an economic and social division of labor between the two. The male community is more visible in most historical and cultural situations, and takes on the task of defending the perimeter of the entire community through warfare and large game hunting but also in public work roles in trade and government.

Traditionally the women's community has had a more primary focus on infants and children, and the maintenance of the camp and home and "domestic life. Turning our attention to the men's community but much of what I say here applies also to the women's communityan individual male has a multiplicity of tasks.

As if this were not enough, he must also relate to the women's community, both as an individual to women blood relatives, but also to secure a female partner if so inclined, and to protect and provide for his children, who are presumably both male or female.

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A man does have some options other then maintaining and enhancing his membership in the men's community.Dick Gilkeson, editor of the former Mentor magazine in Portland, OR and current editor of the Mentor page of Portland's Community ConneXion newspaper, reflected on the men's movement after reading "Evolving Men's Work," which appeared on MenWeb and in Vol.

1 #3 of Men's Voices. May 04,  · Excellent video of poet Robert Bly being interviewed by Bill Moyers in They discuss what it means to be a man in today's society - the pains of .

Note: I first encountered Robert Bly's reflections on men in the May, New Age Journal interview by Keith Thompson, reproduced with Keith's gracious permission in the following pages. When I attended my first men's conference in , I met men who, knowing nothing about Bly, had crossed the country to be there because of it.

Since publication of Iron John: A Book About Men (), a response to the women's movement, Bly has been immensely popular, appearing on talk shows and advising men to retrieve their primitive masculinity through wildness.

67 quotes from Robert Bly: 'I am proud only of those days that pass in undivided tenderness.', 'Every noon as the clock hands arrive at twelve, I want to tie the two arms together, And walk out of the bank carrying time in bags.', and 'It’s all right if you grow your wings on the way down.'.

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Robert Bly; Michael Kimmel; Lists and categories. Index of masculism topics; Category:Men's movement and all the parts of civilised community upon each other, create that great chain of connection which holds it together. and as a response to the universalization of "men" seen in previous men's movements.


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